4S Vinci

4S Vinci

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Liqua 4s Vinci

We understand cigarette smokers

As ex-smokers, we set ourselves a goal to make a new vaping product that works for cigarette smokers and delivers an ideal combination of nicotine feel satisfaction, convenience and economy. We started smoking a long time ago and it took us 10 years to research extensively about smoking and vaping.

LIQUA 4S makes it easier to quit cigarettes

A combination of Liqua 4S special nicotine salt and matching device achieves nicotine delivery on-par with combustible cigarettes and allows smokers to avoid going back to cigarettes. Liqua 4S is not just another nicotine salt, it's a unique recipe that we have been gradually improving over the last 5 years.

Liqua 4s Vinci

What to expect when trying LIQUA 4S nicotine salt

If You are a smoker

• Nicotine delivery from the LIQUA 4S device in combination with LIQUA 4S e-liquid will fully satisfy your cravings like a cigarette
• Keep your smoking habits — Vape your LIQUA 4S in the same frequency and with a similar number of puffs as you would with your cigarette

If You are a vaper

• A balanced PH of the LIQUA 4S nicotine salt formula smoothes your throat hit sensation making even higher levels of nicotine pleasant to vape on LIQUA 4S Device
• Long and frequent puffs from a mid to high power device will deliver nicotine to your bloodstream faster than with a regular e-liquid. Lower your puff frequency or switch to a lower-powered device to avoid dizziness

Liqua 4s Vinci

Great Convenience

We have tested all solutions in the market and came up with the best combination of device and liquid that is easy to understand and convenient to use.

30% more affordable than cigarettes

Today the average smoker in the EU spends around 130 EUR per month on a smoking habit. We believe that any cigarette smoking alternative should not be more expensive than smoking. So-called 'heat-not-burn' products, various prefilled vaping devices are now more expensive for consumers. LIQUA 4S is designed to decrease average smoker expenses by 30% compared to cigarettes. It's all about choosing a smart and innovative solution.

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